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PLEASE NOTE: The salon is currently booked out 3 or more weeks in advance on average, and we are not currently accepting any new clients.

Masks and Pandemic-Related Policies: For the health and safety of all who enter our salon, a mask is encouraged. We are also more than happy to come out and take your pets from you outside as an alternative accommodation. Should you prefer. that option simply call us when you arrive. Both the groomer and the bather wear masks for your safety at all times during intake, drop off, and any time we interact with your pet.

Drop-Off: All dogs are to be dropped off at their scheduled appointment time. Up to 10 minutes before the appointment's official starting time is acceptable. We cannot accept pets earlier or later than 10 minutes from their appointment time. All dogs must be either on a short leash or carried into the shop for safety. This is for the safety of all pets and staff, you never know who else may be in the front lobby when you arrive. For the cleanliness of our salon and the comfort of your dog, please potty all pets before they arrive at Pin-Up Pups, or outside the building in our grass yard. Please do not allow pets to use the restroom in our business lobby.

Late Arrivals/No-Shows: To keep the day running smoothly and ensure all dogs are done promptly, we schedule our day by appointment only. Dogs arriving more than 10 minutes late to their appointment slot will be subject to rescheduling. We cannot accept late arrivals. Please call us in advance if you are running late or cannot make your appointment. Those who No-Show more than twice will need to prepay for future appointments.

Pick Up: We always give a rough estimate for the time it will take to finish your pet to the best of our abilities. We ask that you promptly pick up your pet within one hour after receiving our phone call telling you that your pet is finished with its grooming session. If excessively late for pick up, an additional daycare fee may be charged.

Matting: Matting can be painful or stressful to brush out from a pet, and the Staff at Pin-Up Pups aims to make your dog’s experience here with us as positive as possible. A dog found to have excessive matting will be shaved as short as necessary to remove the matting at the groomer’s professional discretion for the dog's health and safety. We will not perform services that cause undue stress, if the pet is stressed we will stop work and discuss the options with the pet's owner.

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